Please help Sophie to help Nepal .. Update!

January 11, 2017 stina eknert

It´s been a while seens I wrote about Sophies amazing work in Nepal. Seens she just came back from her second visit I asked her for a quick update ;

We're finishing building the house for Guitas family and our next projects hopefully will be to put a tap in the village so the villagers don't have to walk so far for water, we also want to buy some books and supplies for a school there so all the kids get some and we're going to make a better road so all the villagers can drive to their houses as now it's really bad! I also really want to get involved with an orphanage I went to last year it's an hiv orphanage so I am going to take them some painting stuff and see what help they need. They are schooled at the orphanage as the other schools won't allow them so I want to help them these are my plans.

To read more about Sophies amazing work please visit her Facebook page ,and her website for even more info.

You can donate money direct to this amazing project here . You can also support by buying the Sophie bracelet, where all the money goes to Sophies work.

I asked Sophie what the 29 dollar (the price for 1 Sophie bracelet) for example goes to ; 

So only 8 dollar pays for a month of tuition for school per child or it could buy a rice cooker or a big bag of rice is about 19dollar,  it could also buy school equipment for children and help toward blankets etc for the winter months.

As you can se it takes so little to make a big difference for these people and I am so so thankful that there are people like Sophie that put her whole soul to this project. You are amazing Sophie !!!!!!!


I am very exited to tell you that it soon will be a new design from where all the money will go to this. 


So please all support means a lot, donate, share this post, like and share Shopies facebook page. Every little thing counts!!

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