Please help Sophie to help Nepal

April 30, 2016 stina eknert

I belive that everyone wants to help, but with so many bad things happening in this world it´s difficoult to know where to start. When my dear friend Sophie told me about her trip to Nepal and all the work she did there I could se the sparkle in her eyes and I feelt I want to be a part in this to. I have been thinking and planning this for a while now and I came up with the idea of this bracelet;

This is the "Sophie" bracelet and when you buy it I will give 100% of the profit to Sophies work in Nepal. 


Here is Sopihies own words why she went to Nepal ;

Hi I'm Sophie I met Stina in paradise where I stayed for 6 years. I decided to leave as I had a sense that I was not following my calling in this glorious journey we call life! Shortly after deciding to actually leave which was extremely challenging , the devastating news of the earthquake in Nepal came onto the news. I knew there and then that I needed to go and help I had always wanted to go to Nepal. After raising money and having some amazing donations I was off to Nepal! As soon as I walked out of the airport I felt like I had been there before. I felt alive and it was magical! Myself and some of my friends set about finding our main project. I ended up with 4 main projects which I hold very close to my heart and I didn't even look it was fate ! It was a two way path helping others was also helping me gain clarity.

You can see more information on the different projects from last year on my Facebook page 'please help me help nepal'

And here you have my go fund me page ;

In the 2 following blog post you can read about Sophies diffrent projects.

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