Christmas wish list # part 3

December 09, 2015 stina eknert

The last part of my wish list, and I have super super nice things to show you ;




Elin Sandström

Elin Eplet Sandström is an amazing illustrator and artist! She has made a series called Saints of sisterhood which is portraits of strong, independent women. She is so talented and I can´t decide wich one I love the most, but these are my favorites:




Girl Boss

#Girlboss is a platform inspiring women to lead deliberate lives. With intention, destiny becomes reality.

It's More Than a Book.

Girlboss is a hub of inspiration to share stories about what creating an amazing life really means. Being a Girlboss isn't about being the boss of other people - it's about being the boss of your own life.








 I am an entrepreneur bitch !

I wish for a t-shirt like this, and I also wish to look as cool as them in IT:






 Little Tienda

Beautiful embroidered dresses, vintage beauties ..... It dosen´t get better then this! I want every single piece in this shop!


We are a little shop bringing the best and brightest from Mexico




We dont follow trends - were too busy making our own




We dont care for seasons - we transcend the calendar




We dress ladies of style; any age, any shape

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