Christmas wish list #part 1

November 30, 2015 stina eknert

Christmas is soon here and I have a loooong wish lis that I want to show you guys :), lets start with these;





Pamela Love

Pamela Love is an amazing jewellery designer from Brooklyn, New York. Her Tribel Spike collection is to die for, and I been dreaming about a piece for sutch a long time now;






 Stockholm Bombay Project 

There is so so many pretty things in this shop, if I could I would fill my whole apartment with furnitures and accessories from it :). But for now this is some small pretty things I really love ;








I am in love with all the pretty air plats from Aeroteket, they only need air, and water twice a week. They look so pretty to hang up ore to put in a beautiful glass box that you also find in the shop! 

Air plants are social little ones who will eat your dust and provide your home with fresh air. Feel free to give them a name and talk to them regularly as they do like to have many friends and love to be handled gently!






Girl on a Vine  

Its to many unique vintage kimonos that i really really want from this shop, these are my absolute favorites;

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