Please help Sophie to help Nepal .. Update!

January 11, 2017 stina eknert

It´s been a while seens I wrote about Sophies amazing work in Nepal. Seens she just came back from her second visit I asked her for a quick update ; We're finishing building the house for Guitas family and our next projects hopefully will be to put a tap in the village so the villagers don't have to walk so far for water, we also want to buy some books and supplies for a school there so all the kids get some and we're going to make a better road so all the villagers can drive to their houses as...

Inspiring women # part 2 Araki Koman

December 03, 2016 stina eknert

 The world of Instagram is amazing especially when you find someone like Araki. A super talented illustrator with a style to die for. Every picture she post inspires me in some way and that made me feel I just had to contact her. That lead to a collaboration but I didn´t feel that was enough so I also asked her if I could do a interview with her as I really wanted to know more about her story.     Interview with the amazing Araki Koman ; (Photo by Kirico Ueda 1)   Hi Araki , how are you today? Hi Stina,...

Inspiring women # part 1 ; Saira Hunjan

September 19, 2016 stina eknert

Youaresuaisuai would be nothing without inspiration. As a true hoarder, that loooves to collect, I also hoard inspiration. I would say 99% in my collection comes from inspiring women. So I been thinking for a while now that I want to share it with you guys. Here is the first part and I choose to start with the amazing Saira Hunjan, also called " The girl with the golden needle". Saira Hunjan is a tattoo artist and her work is breathtaking. Her style goes back many years and belive some very popular tattoo styles from today is inspired by her work.  Art...

It´s all about earrings and no one is more happy then me :)

September 15, 2016 stina eknert

I know it´s been all about earrings for a while now, and I would´t mind if it´s a trend that´s here to stay. Earrings have always been my favorite piece of jewellery and I always thought as bigger as better.  Here is some of my favorites ;     

Help Sophie to help Nepal....Project 2

April 30, 2016 stina eknert

Sophies story about her projects in Nepal, for more info visit her Facebook page. Project 2: Family from Thankot, NepalMy second project I will be explaining was one that was very significant to me.Everything seemed to flow in Nepal and everyone I met and how I was able to help people was just meant to be. I met a member of a family from Thankot, a village/ area about 40 minutes from central Kathmandu. This family had recently had a family tragedy and lost a member of their family in very sad circumstances. This left them in a very difficult...